When & Where

First Seminar

The first of a series of four seminars will be held at Royal Holloway University of London on December 16th, starting at 10.45 am. All lectures will be taking place in Bourne Lecture Theatre 1 (Bourne Building). You can find the campus plan here https://intranet.royalholloway.ac.uk/aboutus/documents/pdf/locationmap/campusplan.pdf




10:45 am




10.45-11.00 Coffee & welcome;


11.00-11.50 David Masser (Basel):

Siegel's Lemma is usually sharp



12.00-13.30 Lunch break;


13.30-14.20 Rainer Dietmann (Royal Holloway): Enumerative Galois theory for cubics and quartics



14.20-14.45 Coffee break;


14.45-15.35 Rachel Newton (Reading):

Number fields with prescribed norms


15.45-16.35 Adelina Manzateanu (Leiden):

Counting points on Hilbert schemes over function fields


18.00 Dinner at Villa Rosa (Egham).

Preliminary list of 

Lambert A'Campo;

Félicien Comtat;

Jonathan Chapman;

Joshua Coyston;

Tim Davis;

Chris Daw;

Rainer Dietmann;

Natalie Evans;

Reynold Fregoli;

Titus Hilberdink;

Steve Lester;

Adelina Manzateanu;

David Masser;

Gary McConnell;

James McKee;

Rachel Newton;

Martin Orr;

Yiannis Petridis;

Abhishek Saha;

Thomas Webster;

Martin Widmer;

Han Wu.


Organisers & Sponsors

ERLASS organisers

Steve Lester (Queen Mary);

Rachel Newton (Reading);

Yiannis Petridis (UCL);

Martin Widmer (Royal Holloway);

Local organisers

Reynold Fregoli (reynoldfregoli@gmail.com);

Martin Widmer (Martin.Widmer@rhul.ac.uk);


The ERLASS is funded by an LMS scheme-3 grant (31902).

Upcoming Seminars

University of Reading*
UCL, London*
Queen Mary, London*

* Dates to be decided

Sign up for the first seminar


Crèche facilities

Should you need day care for your children, please send an email to the organisers as early as possible (write to reynoldfregoli@gmail.com). Please note that the LMS has a Caring Supplementary Grant scheme to help participants of meetings to cover their caring costs. For more information see www.lms.ac.uk/grants/caring-supplementary-grants.


How to get here


The fastest way to get to Royal Holloway campus from London is to take the train to Egham from Waterloo station. The university is a 20 minute walk from the station. Please be aware that there is ongoing South Western Railways industrial action from December 2nd (for more information check https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/service_disruptions/234877.aspx).

Alternatively, it is possible to take the Piccadilly line to Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 and then the bus no. 8 to Royal Holloway campus stop.  

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